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Don’t Cross Mary

María José is a shopkeeper in Vélez-Málaga who doesn’t take kindly to people trying to rob her of her day’s takings. Two hooded men burst in and demanded money…

Cutting Edge Banking

The Guardia Civil caught a man redhanded trying to gain access to an ATM with a cordless disc cutter in an Armilla shopping Centre. The 35-year-old man from Pinos Puente, with an impressive criminal record, didn’t manage to reach the money by the time that the police tapped him on the shoulder, but he did…

Antonio, El Tonto

GRA El Tonto Tomb

Antonio F. C., alias ‘el Tonto,’ was anything but tonto and regardless of whether his neurons were firing correctly or not, he was very much admired in his home town.

Know Your Town Hall

MOT Town Hall 2019 OnL

Everybody thinks that the Town Hall is somewhere where you go and waste a morning on a bureacratic errand, but in the case of Motril, there’s something else.