Daily Archives: November 26, 2019

Who’s to Blame?

LHR Maravillas

In 2006 the then Mayor, Juan Carlos Benavides signed an urban-development deal with two companies to develope Maravillas Norte in La Herradura.

Rowdy Roundabouts

AXA Roundabout Rampage

Roundabouts in Spain are the Wild West at the best of times, never better demonstrated by the following article about a collision.

God, Death & Minors

Police investigation under Operación Brinca has brought about two arrest in Alarcón and Madrid in connection with the intended sexual abuse of minors.

Macharaviaya Twins

AND Macharaviaya Twinning 02

The Málaga town of Macharviaya with its 500 inhabitants has just begun a twinning process with Galveston in Texas, which has a population of 50,000.