Monthly Archives: November 2019

Looking Back: P4 Boulevard

ALM P4 Before Development

Well, it’s the last day of November and there are still plenty of articles from November 2009 in our archives so we have chosen this one about the (then) new P4 boulevard in Almuñécar. The P4 development of the Río Verde Vega began to take off in the late 80’s – until then it had…

Biker Dragged by Car

MOT Biker Run Over

There was a traffic accident in Motril yesterday resulting in a biker being knocked off his bike on the main roundabout next to the church. In other words, a distance of around five metres

Taramay Landslip

There was a landslip around 06.00h on the 13th just above the Curumbico Beach. That’s the next one on from Cabria Beach in Taramay, Almuñécar.

Restaurante Firmvm News

PP Restaurant Firmvm

I went round to Restaurante Firmvm in Almuñécar because I had heard from Nacho, who used to run Árbol Blanco with his brother, and who now heads the former.