Daily Archives: April 26, 2019

Camera Idiocy

The reckless use of phone-cameras for later use on the social media had led to many ‘wannbe’ stars getting arrested. Here is one such case, although it was somebody else’s footage that busted him.

Junta against EU Fishing Cuts

The Junta’s Board for Agriculture & Fishing rejects the EU management plan for fishing in the Western Mediterranean. “We understand that a global plan for fishing in the Mediterranean has to be drawn up, but not that Andalucía should be the hardest hit,” said the new Head of the board, Carmen Crespo, adding that “Almería,…

Scuffle at the Hospital

GRA Hospital Materno Infantil

It was not the first time that the maternity hospital in Granada had suffered a scuffle with belligerent relatives of a patient. Wednesday the 10th of April was just another such incident.