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San Silvestre Runs

ALM San Silvestre 2018

You might have heard of the San Silvestre Charity Runs, which take place at the end of December in many Hispanic countries, as well as Spain.

Audio auf Deutsch

SAL German Audio Guide

The Salobreña Tourism Board announced that it had added a German-language version to its audio tourist guide. Up until now the options were Spanish, English French and Italian.

Pointless Pepinos

MOT Cucum 07

(COH 03C) The Spanish say, “Me importa un pepino,” which translates into “I couldn’t give a fig or damn.” Well costa pepinos are damned, that’s for sure.

Foreskin Fix

For many years there has been a debate as to whether circumcision is necessary, with some men complaining that their circumcised penises are lacking in sensation. However, the issue of too much foreskin is usually treated in this way and of course religious issues come into play for many others.

In The Name of Science

WLD moustached kingfisher OnL

Christopher Filard is an investigator at the American Natural History Museum, therefore you could be forgiven for thinking that he must be a bright lad… or not?