Daily Archives: December 27, 2017

Granada Metro

GRA Metro trains

After ten years of construction work, hand-wringing and bickering, Granada’s metro system finally came into being – but it is accident prone.

Highway Robbery

The Guardia Civil arrested a young man in Huélago (north of province) for violent robbery. The 27-year-old also has a criminal record.

Bogus Policeman Kidnapping

The provincial law courts in Madrid have sentenced a man to five years’ imprisonment for the attempted kidnapping of a young woman, whilst impersonating a policeman.

Car Theft Deaths

A car chase with a teenager at the wheel of a stolen car led to an accident resulting in three deaths, one of them the driver of a van on his way to work.

No Trains Still

GRA Train Station

People in the province of Granada aren’t so much worried that the high-speed rail link hasn’t reached the city, but that there are simply no trains at all.

Beef over Beaches

ALM cristobal beach 01 OnL

OK, the title has nothing to do with a bovine presence of beaches but beef in the sense of a complaint or huff: Almuñécar is not happy with the Junta over beach concessions.