Monthly Archives: April 2017

Minors & Massages

SPN Masseur

he Provincial lawcourt for Palma has sentenced an masseur to pay a 2,430-euro fine, who provided an ‘erotic service’ for a 13-year-old lad.

Mussels, No Thanks!

The Almuñequeros might enjoy eating mussels, but they don’t want any mussel farms off Punta de la Mona, which is why the Head of the Junta was greeted with a protest banner.

Franco, Falangists & Nerja

NRJ Falangists

Franco is long dead but there are still many people in Spain who are fanatic supporters – the funeral service in Nerja for a Franco-era minister was a demonstration of this.

The Wave

LHR Beach Defence Work OnL

In an article yesterday we spoke of wave erosion and that how not everybody was happy with the construction of beach defences – here’s why, or better said, who.

Ferry vs. Seawall

A ferry ploughed into a seawall of the Nelson Mandela dock in the Puerto de la Luz in the Las Palmas of the Canary Islands on the afternoon of Friday the 21st.

Two Germans Arrested

GRA 2 Germans Arrested OnL

Two German citizens were arrested in the north of the city of Granada, charged with being in possession of several kinds of illegal substances (speed & crystal meth).

Hungry Waves

ALM High Waves OnL

Well, this gale that has swept the coast on the 20th and 25th has wiped out just about all of the beach regeneration carried out for Semana Santa – back to square one!