Monthly Archives: October 2016

False Alarm: English Film

There will be, after all, a film in English in Almuñécar this week; on Wednesday the 2nd at 18.000h. The film is Bridget Jones’s Baby and will be shown in the Casa de la Cultura.

Wines: Reds, king & Quiz

A very diverse offering, with wines ranging from light, fresh, whites to Spain’s biggest, burliest dry reds. The most famous, and most expensive is Ribera Del Duero, but there are a lot of more affordable wines to try.

Legal: Due Diligence

In legal terms Due Diligence is the process of factual and legal investigation, research, analysis and discovery, on a business, person or asset before the signing of a contract, the signing of public documents or the purchase of an asset.

Behind the Scenes


Most of us now take the ubiquitous PC, laptop and mobile device for granted; they are everywhere and all look pretty similar.


Loneliness is a common feeling and happens when we have a mismatch between the quantity and quality of social relationships that we have, and those that we want.