Monthly Archives: July 2015

Bungee Tragedy Developments

The Guardia Civil has charged two people over the death of the 21-year-old British girl in the recent bungee-jumping incident in Granada. The first is the monitor, who had 14 people in his charge that morning, jumping from the Tablate bridge. Police investigators consider that he did not carry out his duties with the “proper…

Room for One More Standing

SPN  perez reverte

The Spanish say that somebody ‘has no hairs on the tongue,’ meaning that they don’t mince their words… Outspoken author, Pérez-Reverte evidently has none on his.

Beach Brollie War Reignites

ALM Brollie War

It was ex-Mayor Benavides who first introduced a ban in Almuñécar on staking out your beach spot with an umbrella long before you intended to use it. Since then, other towns have followed suit.

The Caveman Party

Do you want to do something different this August, away from the beach – why not dress up as a caveman and go to Piñar in the north of Granada?