Monthly Archives: July 2014

Emerging Diseases

Whilst it is inevitable that new infectious illnesses emerge all the time, mankind does its share to spread them more rapidly with its modern means of transport like the examples above teach us. But apart from that we have to prepare for known illnesses emerging in new populations because of the illness travelling itself. The African West Nile Virus is believed to have been spread nearly all over the world via an infected bird or mosquito entering the United States less than two decades ago. It mainly infects birds and kills them. It causes severe illness in humans, most patients however recover eventually.

No More Cable Spaghetti!

Without a doubt one of the most annoying nuisances for all of us who use computers (laptops and towers) is the endless spaghetti of cables needed to run these devices: to connect monitor to tower, power supplies, mice, webcams, external speakers and anything else you might want to use (then comes finding the correct port in which to insert the cable). First of all the manufacturers design these cables in lengths they deem the most practical….but to the user in many cases they are far too long. Then if you choose to connect to the internet with an Ethernet cable you have just added one more thing to trip over or to have the dog chew.

Tropical Weather & Football Thougths

July in the Nordic countries has been exceptional, with tropical temperatures around 26-30 for almost two weeks now. The hot weather has brought thunder storms in its wake. On golf courses in central Finland, where the thunder storms have been extremely severe, one person died and one was injured after having been struck by lightning. The unfortunate deadly accident occurred when the victim, a pensioner, interrupted the game because of the heavy rain. He was returning to the club house pushing his golf trolley, when a lightning bolt struck the trolley and he fell lifeless to the ground. There were no thunder storm clouds visible. The lightning seemed to strike from an ordinary cumulus cloud. Death was immediate, and attempts to revive him proved hopeless.