Monthly Archives: April 2014

Twenty Thousand Surviving on Charity

The Spanish Catholic Church charity organization, Cáritas, attended to over 20,000 people in need in the province of Granada alone during 2013. Cáritas in its annual report pointed out that 13,117 of that number are from the city itself.

BBC Radio Visits Almuñécar

A team of two from BBC Radio, Nick Bull & Heather Simone visited Almuñécar as part of a report on the relationship between Laurie Lee and the town. They were hoping to interview people who had met him.

An Unexpected Visit

Driving instructors usually take their lives into their own hands whilst out on the roads, but sometimes danger follows them back to the office.

Yayoflauta Before a Judge

Great word, that! A ‘yayoflauta’ is a pensioner who takes part in demonstrations against social injustices. One such lady is standing trial in Madrid for insulting a policeman.