Monthly Archives: February 2014

A Disservice to Real Victims?

A woman stands before a magistrate and is looking at 24-months’s imprisonment for having made false claims of sexual aggression. Her victim spent four night in police cells because of her accusations.

Just Not Clever

Young David and Daniel decided to take a toy dingy out to do some fishing one evening – it went wrong. They were found twelve hours later adrift, some nine nautical miles off Cabo Sacratif, Motril.

Water Protest in Almuñécar

Well over a hundred farmers belonging to the various irrigation associations in Almuñécar turned out to protest in the Town Hall Square. Some sources put the turn out as “several hundred.”

Two Noses Snuffles

We find ourselves in the, soon to be independent, Scotland now, with a rather lovely dog called Snuffles. So how did Snuffles make the headlines? He has two noses… obviously.