Daily Archives: July 3, 2013

Norwegian Musicians in Almuñécar

The Hammartun Skole brass band from in Lillehammer and the Lanke Skolemusikk from Trondheim were welcomed to Almuñécar at the Palacete de la Najarra, by the Councillor for Institutional Relations, María del Mar Medina.

Blue Zone Rift

The Salobreña blue-zone system won’t be coming into being until the 1st of August, but even so, it has attracted criticism from the opposition party, IU.

Police Officer Chases Himself?

The young British undercover police officer was sure he was closing in on his suspect. In fact, the plainclothes officer had this confirmed via his radio link to the CCTV control room.
The probationary officer from Sussex Police could barely contain himself when he was told he was closing in on a suspect who was “acting suspiciously” in the area.