Monthly Archives: July 2013

Stop Desahucios

The pressure group, Plataforma Stop Desahucios de Almuñécar-La Herradura, managed to stop another property auction that was set for the end of the month.

The CA on La Herradura

As far as Convergencia Andaluza is concerned the new Junta law concerning the first 500 metres from the sea will completely stifle the development of the municipality.

Ten Pigs in a Van

The Guardia Civil in Sevilla arrested a Romanian with ten stolen pigs in his van; he allegedly stole them from a pig farm. Well, he wouldn’t steal them from a poultry farm, would he… Just saying.

Nerja’s 70’s & 80’s Fiesta

Councillor Sandra Jimena has announced Concierto Joven 2013, which will be held on the 2nd of August on Playa de Burriana starting at 22:30h. There will be for performances with Los Hados Negros, Aquitipartis, Electroduende and Ñclan playing.

Boyz Toyz?

The Almuñécar Town Hall has handed over a pretty potent looking quad to the new rural branch of the local police.

The Arrogance of Ignorance

People refuse to recognize that you cannot know everything and should be open to other input, different ways of looking at the world, their business, their private situations etc.