Monthly Archives: June 2013

Could be a Problem

The Spanish Navy decided that they wanted to do away with their dependency on French and American designs for conventional submarines, so they came up with the eat-your-heart-out, S80 series.

51 Illegal Homes

Has hope been dashed for the 51 homeowners in Los Pinos in Almuñécar after the supreme court of the land upheld the regional supreme court’s decision?

Water Supply Guaranteed

Well, as you’re moaning about what a dismal beginning the summer has had, look on the bright side because there won’t be any water shortages in the next two years, at least.

Rio Chillar Rescue

Volunteers from Protección Civil came to the assistance of a woman who had injured her leg whilst with a group of 50 excursionists in Río Chillar.

Google Trekker Meets La Alhambra

Most Internet users have tinkered with the Google Streetview on their maps, where you can drag a figure of a person onto a map and get a 360º view of a particular street. Well, now Google has gone a step further and have applied the same camera technology to access places where their cars cannot reach, using a person with the camera mounted on his back, calling it Street View Trekker.