Monthly Archives: May 2013

Clearing and Cleaning

Now that the clearing and cleaning operations along the Rambla de Espinar have concluded, work has begun on the access lane to the municipal sports pavilion in La Herradura. The temporary parking area alongside this access lane, colloquially known as the “swamp,” is also going to receive some attention from the Maintenance Department, because what…

Hornet Sex Hoax?

Why let the truth get in the way of a good story… or so the saying goes. But we have to confess to being more than a tad disappointed that this story, that was doing the worldwide rounds of the Internet, may well be a hoax. It concerns a Swedish farmer called Hasse and his death by sexual intercourse with a hornet’s nest.

Dani Delight

If you need your hair done and you live in the Almuñécar area, where should you go? Chez Dani of course! This little salon just off the beach in Calle Marquita, is a friendly haven of expert coiffing for both men and women.

Parent Power

What do you do when the authorities won’t or can’t repair your kiddy’s school? You do it yourself, which is what is happening in Loja in the Poniente de Granada.

Beach Regeneration

The gale-beaten beaches of Costa Tropical will have 100,000 euros spent on them to bring them up to scratch for the summer, says the Central Government through the Ministry for the Environment.

The Great Escape

Forget images of Steve McQueen trying to jump over barbed wire on a stolen Wermacht motorbike; this is about Carchuna and the Spanish Civil War.

Unpardonable Optimist

A driver offered two Guardia Civll policemen a bribe in exchange for cancelling the traffic fine that they had just written out – the were not amused.

Robbing a Fortune Teller

The Guardia Civil up in Magallón, Aragón (northern Spain) arrested five men, amongst them the ex-Chairman of the Deportivo Castellón football club for robbing a fortunate teller.

The King Gives up Luxury Yacht

Times are hard and King Juan Carlos believes that keeping off the skyline is a good idea, what with all the flak over his son-in-law’s and daughter’s alleged dodgy dealings, and not to mention his unfortunate photo standing next to a dead elephant, hunting trophy.