Daily Archives: April 8, 2013

What Do You Know?

Obviously, being a dog, I know quite a lot about canine matters… well this month I’ve decided to impart some of my extensive canine knowledge. I’ve tried to educate you on health issues over the previous months… never knowing, of course, if any of it is even sinking in. Well, here are some facts about us barking buddies you may, or may not know.

Guilty of Biting Doctor’s Buttocks

A man in Motril – it just had to be Motril – was given a year’s, suspended, prison sentence for having bitten a doctor’s buttocks, whilst being treated. This happened back in 2008 but has only just reached trial and sentencing.

Innovation: Lab to Reality – Pt. 2

As we continue to be introduced to new products, in every field of life, the word ‘innovation’ certainly applies. Following last month’s ideas, here are a few more real possibilities that could be mass marketed in the coming years.