Monthly Archives: April 2013

Fair Cop or Set Up

Ex-regional MP for the PP, Santiago Cervera claims that he had been set up when he turned up at an arrange pick-up point and that he had not tried to blackmail a bank director.

Banks Won’t Pay

If you live in an apartment in Spain, then you know what la comunidad is; i.e., the apartment-block adminstration, whose elected members run the block finances and affairs.

And Now for the Good News…

Juan Antonio from the province of Badajoz in Extremadura won 36m euros on the Euro Jackpot just over a year ago and he is convinced that God gave him it so that he could help others.

They’re Still Not Listening

The Mayor if Zubia (PP) has raised the salary of the Councillor of the Economy and in passing awarded himself a salary 45,000 euros. Oh, and he has raised the expense quota for attending a council meeting from 113 euro to 195 euros.

Military Rumbling

Members of he Asociación Unificada de Militares Españoles (armed forces union) demonstrated in front of the Ministry of Defence over the arrest of their Chairman.

Gypsy Clan Clash

A squabble between two gypsy families in Loja, in the Poniente de Granada was settled by the Council of the Elders – a rarely used dispute measure.

Drink Driving Granny

The Policía Local in Mijas stopped driver around midnight and carried out a breathalyzer test – the driver, who was three times of the limit. was a 73-year-old British woman.

Mugshot Beauty

One has to say that even our so called ‘beautiful’ celebrities usually look like they’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards if they are unlucky enough to get arrested and then stand before the dreaded mugshot camera. However, one lady who was arrested for drink driving in Florida, USA, put those celebrity fake beauties to shame!