Daily Archives: March 19, 2013

No-Food for Thought

Food is a potent inducer of metabolic responses (and pleasure ). Specific nutrients enhance muscle action, while others boost appetite or modulate inflammatory responses. On the other hand, caloric restriction under normal conditions ( 20 to 40 % fewer calories than required ) has been shown to protect against the development of chronic diseases. ( To highlight this : there was hardly any diabetes or gout in post-war Germany ) Exploiting the differential effects of food or its absence during disease may be one strategy to enhance the efficacy of drug therapies.

Estonian Swedes

At Los Nordicos last week we had the privilege to listen to an interesting lecture by historian Bengt Kummel, PhD, from Finland. The topic was “The dramatic circumstances around the transfer of Estonian Swedes to Sweden in 1944”. Dr. Kummel started by giving some historic data on the Swedish population of Estonia, a linguistic minority residing in the coastal areas and islands of what today is western and northern Estonia.

Foreign Language Cinema

Here is the programme for foreign-language films to be shown at the Nerja Casa de la Cultura during April, which was kindly sent in by Radio Sol de Almijarra FM.