Monthly Archives: February 2013

Web Site Plagiarism

On the Internet content is king. It is very difficult for a website without content to rank properly in search engines, thus content creation is a very important step in any online web strategy.

Kelibia Square Works

According to a Almuñécar Town Hall, press release, Plaza Kelibia hasn’t undergone an integral revamping in 25 years, although it doesn’t seem longer than ten since the last time work was being carried out, changing the paving etc – perhaps memories play tricks.

Flu Times

The winter cold has arrived to our tropical paradise. In this time of the year I sometimes wish I were nearer the North pole, feeling warm and cosy inside and avoiding to step outside unless absolutely necessary. In our old house on top of the hill in Taramay it is nearly as chilly inside as outside, in spite of some energy-devouring electric appliances. All kinds of influenza viruses are hitting the good people of Almuñécar.

Hotel Picadilly Demolition

Anybody entering Almuñécar from the west is greeted by the skeletal image of what was supposed to be Hotel Picadilly. It is an eyesore and has been for over a decade

Doctor Youth

Many of us can remember all sorts shenanigans from when we were teenagers, but a 17-year-old Australian lad really pushed the boat out when he was bored. He simply got himself a stethoscope, white coat and some dodgy credentials and proceeded to work in a few hospitals as a doctor!