Daily Archives: December 30, 2012

Restaurante Kairos

Paco and Ceci at Restaurante Kairos, Almuñécar have a great treat for diners laid on in the form of a special Menu de Noche which will be of special interest for Seaside Gazette readers: if you take in a copy or simply tell them that you’re there after having read this, you will have your…

The Attila Awards

The Ecologistas en Accion, Granada, have published the results of the annual awards that are dedicated to pointed out who has acted done the most to destroy the environment during the year, whose aim is to shame the prize winners. The prizes go to: Rector’s Board of the Universiada, comprising of the City Hall of…

Norwegian Heart

The plight of people being evicted from their homes has touched many hearts, not only here, in Spain, but also further afield; Norway, for example.

Annual Giant Paella

This year marks the 21st campaign organized by the Asocación Solidaria Amigos de Baracoa, which culminates in the Giant Paella prepared by Joaquín from La Herradura’s Chambao de Joaquín in the Majuelo, Almuñécar.