Monthly Archives: December 2012

Dying for an iPhone?

A 15-year-old German lass nearly lost her life, as well as her iPhone, when it fell down amongst some large boulders. She had been walking along the river bank, where the boulders are to shore up the riverbank. Apparently the girl’s iPhone somehow managed to slip from her pocket or hand (it’s not clear) and…

Torched Cars Investigated

The Guardia Civil based in Nerja are investigating the circumstances behind an incident in which five cars were completely gutted by fire in the early ours of one morning.

Restaurante Kairos

Paco and Ceci at Restaurante Kairos, Almuñécar have a great treat for diners laid on in the form of a special Menu de Noche which will be of special interest for Seaside Gazette readers: if you take in a copy or simply tell them that you’re there after having read this, you will have your…

The Attila Awards

The Ecologistas en Accion, Granada, have published the results of the annual awards that are dedicated to pointed out who has acted done the most to destroy the environment during the year, whose aim is to shame the prize winners. The prizes go to: Rector’s Board of the Universiada, comprising of the City Hall of…

Norwegian Heart

The plight of people being evicted from their homes has touched many hearts, not only here, in Spain, but also further afield; Norway, for example.

Annual Giant Paella

This year marks the 21st campaign organized by the Asocación Solidaria Amigos de Baracoa, which culminates in the Giant Paella prepared by Joaquín from La Herradura’s Chambao de Joaquín in the Majuelo, Almuñécar.

Pensioners Rebel

Pensioners took to the streets to protest over the Government announcement on state pensions, which will mean between 382 and 540 euros a year.

Mayors Face Salary Cuts

Thanks to a pending agreement between the two major political parties in Spain, 14 mayors of provincial capital cities could see their salaries reduced. At present the said mayors receive over 67,055 euros a year in salary, which is the salary of a Spanish Secretary of State.