Daily Archives: January 3, 2012

Doctors Don’t Like Vitamins!

Evidence is mounting, that vitamin and mineral supplements do have adverse health effects. The latest on the list are calcium and vitamin E.
So far it has been believed(!) that vitamin E and selenium supplementation lower risk for prostate cancer (in men!). However, when early results after 3 years from a large controlled trial showed no fewer cases but even an excess risk for prostate cancer, the trial had to be halted.

Bank Takes All

It never crossed the mind of small businessman, Antonio Ruiz, that something like this could happen to him; but it has. One moment he was on top of the world, and the next he had been stripped of all he possessed – the bank took the lot: his business (Cuadros San Sebastian) his work shop, his house… and even the houses of his two offspring… they even took his grandchildren’s bicycles!

Expensive Impact

(Malaga) A man with mental problems jumped from a 9th-floor to end his life after escaping from a mental ward… which is unfortunate enough, but he landed on a passerby who had just walked out of a bar, causing quite a lot of bodily mischief, which is not only unfortunate but also arguably clumsy.