Daily Archives: March 12, 2011

Chavez Against the Ropes

Manuel Chavez, the current third vice-president to Prime Minister Zapatero, and former First Minister of the Junta de Andalucía (you know, those people in the sky with their eye on you) is in trouble with Andalucian Supreme Court.

Blood Thicker than Water

In this life many things can be called cowardly, but few are more so than attacks on the elderly. And in 2010 more than a thousand cases were reported to the authorities and, similar to domestic abuse, the reported number is assuredly far less than the actual.

Done Over?

Around 100 British families are taking a Spanish real-estate developer, as well as three ex-agents of a British agency, to court after having paid out in total over 4.5m euros for second homes in Estepona; homes that were never built.

Cyclist Hit Twice

In Málaga, a 50-year-old Romanian cyclist was peacefully riding his bike in the new bike lane when a red Seat Leon, driven by a youth, collided with him knocking him to the ground.

Drowned US Student

A 22-year-old American student from California was found at the bottom of Madrid’s Rio Manzanares. The lad had been missing a couple of days, with family and friends searching the area after he failed to appear after a night out – one discotheque doorman had turned him away because he claimed he was drunk. The…