Daily Archives: March 4, 2011

World Cup Trophy Visit

The Chairman of the Federación Andaluza de Fútbol, Eduardo Herrera, said that Almuñécar deserved to be chosen as the stopover of the World Cup as it made its way around Andalucía, because of its close collaboration with the Federation and the high level of sporting events held here.

Roundabout Near Completition

The work on the Avda. Juan Carlos roundabout proceeds with the centre island already sporting the cobblestone inner track. Whether there are more congested places more worthy of a roundabout, that is another question, which we will look at later on in the article. However, one controversial point is that the roundabout has ‘eaten’ parking space in front of the bank, as it has done elsewhere around its perimeter.

Velilla Resurfacing Finished

The Velilla road has been surfaced, although the parking bays haven’t. On a positive note, part of the work that’s been going on there has been improvements to the drainage system. On the other hand, 50% of available parking along that road has disappeared, which in Almuñécar is a very rare occurrence…

Villain Arrested!

Let’s get off politics and get down to some good old fashion thuggery and thievery… yes, I have changed the subject off politics – this is about a hold up.

Asking Benny

Brilliant, I thought, just as the election campaigns begin, I suddenly appear on the Mayor’s TV channel – great for neutrality, but having been knobbled, I decided to go ahead and ask him some simmering questions.

A Benny Roasting

The opposition and the unions have blasted the Mayor over dismissals at the Town Hall.
The PSOE, PP, IU (who rarely agree on anything) and the national workers’ union, the CGT, all consider that the dismissal of 15 town-hall workers (some of whom have been there for 20 years) was carried out for ‘irrational motives.’

Something Positive

Let’s finish off the section on a positive note, expressing approval over two projects; one that is just about complete and the other which is set to begin.