Monthly Archives: February 2011

Money Laundering Touches Salobreña

It’s not a good time for the governing party in Salobreña to hear that the judge who is investigating the biggest political corruption scandal in over a decade (Gürtel) confirmed that the case touches Salobreña.

Shivering Lobres

Poor little sods over at the Lobres primary school, CP Cervantes sit shivering, wearing their coats and scarves in their classrooms because the wiring in the building makes it impossible to use electric heating. Whose the bright spark behind that, you may ask.

End of Paper Trail

Great news for paperwork addicts: Salobreña will now have a ventanilla única; i.e., one office where you can sort out all your paperwork, without being bandied about from office to office.

Warehouse Fire

A fire was discovered on the 21st around 14.00h in one of the warehouses on the industrial estate behind the gasoline station. Plenty of black billowing smoke, thanks to plastic containers and palettes catching light, but the fire was contained and put out within a few hours.

Casas Con Encanto

Now, you can tell that it is coming up to the elections, because everybody is coming up with impressive ideas to improve the lives of residents. One such idea comes from the PP, who want to promote a network of ‘charming houses’ for rent.

Facebook Lynching

Social networking creates a parallel society that operates with almost impunity. Normal circumstances regarding presumption of innocence are disregarded, and in the case of an incident concerning a lass from Salobreña, online lynching.

Understanding Town Hall

The Town Hall has announced that it will reduce the fees on bar terraces, as compensation for the loss of trade thanks to the new anti-tobacco law. Bar & Restaurante owners can have their tables and chairs out all year round, but only pay the summer months.

Wifi in Hospital

More on wifi: Motril’s Santa Ana Hospital is also now offering a free wifi service for its patients.

Not Quite Guns

The Policía Local in Motril, together with the Guardia Civil, have confiscated seven replica guns, which are identical to the real thing, other than in their capacity to fire live ammunition.