A satirical take on Spanish national news

Worst Quake Since 1956

The locals of Lorca, near Murcia, are asking why an earthquake of 5.2 should have such a devastating effect on building structures around town. Experts agree that the shallow depth of the epicentre and the sandy soil of the area certainly contributed to the damage, but what is becoming more evident is that building standards employed during the housing boom might also have something to do with it.

National News – March

Ban Protest Around 500 residents of Palencia turned out to demonstrate their objection to the recent tobacco legislation. The demonstrators were hoping that the government would reconsider the smoking ban laws, as they believe it will be the final nail in the coffin of the hostelry industry. The protest was the first of its kind…

Drowned US Student

A 22-year-old American student from California was found at the bottom of Madrid’s Rio Manzanares. The lad had been missing a couple of days, with family and friends searching the area after he failed to appear after a night out – one discotheque doorman had turned him away because he claimed he was drunk. The…

ATC Rebellion

An emergency meeting of The Spanish government has authorized a “militarization” of Spanish Airport control towers following a massive controllers walk out. The controllers, now under military command face prison if they disobey. The Royal Decree came into effect at 21.30 CET. By 22.00 CET about The night shift began to turn up at their…