A satirical take on Spanish national news

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Five articles from the National News section of the Seaside Gazette in the October Edition. We have already published five this month, and will be publishing a further five in the coming days.

Preserving Culture or Justifying Barbarity?

What happens in Tordesillas, in Castilla Leon, isn’t a tradition bullfight as it doesn’t have all the normal strappings – it’s just a case of a dozen or so riders or men on foot attempting to spear a bull.

Spanish National News

Holiday from Hell
A young British man was stabbed twice, in the abdomen and his leg, in circumstances so far unclear. The stabbing happened near a bar in Ibiza in the wee hours of the morning, and it was the young man himself who managed to find an ambulance in the area that took him swiftly to a local private hospital. Although his condition is listed as critical, he is responding favourably to treatment.

Civil War’s 75th Anniversary

Tomorrow marks the 75th anniversary of the beginning of the Spanish Civil War; the prelude to the Second World War in which fascist Europe took on the beleaguered Spanish Republic.

Spanish Politics

The local and regional elections dealt a severe blow to the Central Government; indeed to the whole of the PSOE on a national level. Although Andalucía didn’t hold regional elections, unlike the majority of Spanish autonomous regions, the damage was still keenly felt because over a thousand town halls in Andalucía, as well as provincial councils, participated and were royally smitten.

Spanish Revolution

Thousands of Spaniards, both young and not-so young, have had enough of the Spanish political class and are making their feelings known. In over 70 Spanish cities, as well as outside Spanish embassies in Europe, namely London and Berlin, Spaniards are saying Basta Ya! (enough is enough). This popular manifestation of discontent, which started in…