A satirical take on Spanish national news

Two National Articles

Two articles from our Spain Section in the February edition. The Boss (Springstein) concert dates and costs plus a huge amount of bail for Carlos Fabra.

Two National Articles

Two national articles from the February issue of The Seaside Gazette, including details about the Royal Family declaring their earnings and defibrillators installed in the Mosque in Cordoba.

Two National Articles

Three Spanish tourists in Figueras, Girona, were shocked and dismayed to discover a hidden web-cam in their hotel shower. The two brothers and a girlfriend found the camera after noticing some tape on an air vent high up the shower wall.

My Tailor is Rich

Francisco Camps, the handsome, suave ex-president of Valencia, resigned a few months ago from office in order to face down charges that he had accepted several expensive suits as gifts. In turn, one supposes, the free suits guaranteed someone or someone’s certain favourable treatment.

Two-Monthly Electricity Bills

Just as consumers are getting used to the idea of monthly electricity bill, it has now been decided to switch back to two-monthly ones. Gone, then, will be the ‘estimated readings’ so that you will only be charged for what you have actually used.

Three Spanish National Articles

Three national articles from the January edition. Including interesting stuff about Argentina declassifying papers relating to the ‘disappeared’ Spaniards. Monetary union discussions and amendments. And finally Hot Hot Hot about the overall yearly temperature in Spain for 2011.