A satirical take on Spanish national news

Toll Roads and Death Toll

The head of the DGT (Department of Transport), María Seguí, is worried that the recent decision to put toll booths on hitherto free-to-use autovias will push the accident rate up.

Acid Attack

A 29-year-old Spanish woman received deep chemical burns to 2% of her body, mainly on her face, after an unidentified man approached her and threw acid into her face.

End of the World Finally

The infamous and utterly misunderstood Mayan calendar, according to some, has it that we will all go poof in a cloud of cosmic debris on December the 21st, 2012. While quite complicated, and conflicted owing to scientific analysis and other discoveries, the prediction, should it prove true, might be a blessing as 2013, at least for Spain, looks to be an even harsher year than 2012 will turn out to be. Will anyone be saved?

Anything Goes?

When the PP was in the opposition, it heavily criticised the then socialist government for carrying out a tax amnesty, yet with months of being elected the new PP Government intends to precisely that – this is the last in a series contradictory actions put into being by Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy. The reaction to this announced tax amnesty, not surprisingly, has conveyed both incredulity and rejection.

2nd-Hand, 4-Wheel Revival

Who can afford a new car without a bank loan? And as bank loans are as prolific as green dogs… not many new cars are being sold at the moment, so it should come as no surprise than 2nd-hand-car sales are far outstripping their fresh-off-the-assembly-line competitors: 2.3 old cars sold for each new one.

Politicians and Judges

The very evident disdain that the average Spaniard holds for his country’s political class is well known, so with signs of clear political infiltration within the Judicial System, it should surprise few that the various judicial entities of the land have taken a tumble in public esteem, as well.

Child’s Body Found

The police had been searching through a rubbish tip in Valencia for the last four days before finding what they had been looking for; the body of a 3-year-old child.