A satirical take on Spanish national news

News for the Rent Shy

The Central Government is changing the laws concerning rented property, which will hasten up the eviction process of non-paying tenants. When you consider that only 17% of Spaniards live in rented accommodation – the EU average is 30% – it means that it will affect a high proportion of the population.

Lending a Devastating Hand

When an 80-year-old churchgoer took it upon herself to restore a 19th century fresco of Jesus Christ, she no doubt thought that it was a good idea, the end result, however, has half of Spain howling, either in indignation or in laughter, bless her cotton socks.

Mortgage the Palaces?

Finland has suggested that Spain and Italy “mortgage” their national heritage buildings, which in the case of Spain, would be the world-famous El Escorial, or El Palacio Real.

Forgeries with a Difference

We often read articles about forged brand-name articles, such as sunglasses, belts, handbags, etc, but it is probably the first time that you have come across one about fake military and police equipment – read on.

Briton Sentenced to Jail

Alan M.D. has been sentenced to 19 years in prison for the murder of his ex-girlfriend on the 29th of May 2009. The man, who resides in Orihela (Alicante) stabbed her to death, inflicting 47 knife wounds.

No Longer A Crime

The Spanish Supreme Court has ruled that giving money to a jailed terrorist or his family is not a crime, thus acquitting a Moroccan man and liberating him from a 5-year prison sentence for having sent funds to the wife of a jailed terrorist

Figueres & Forest Fires

Fires in the North-West corner of Spain have resulted in two tourists jumping to their deaths from a cliff in an attempt to escape the advancing flames. A reader from nearby Figueres has written in with news from that town.