Sierra Nevada

News on Sierra Nevada, the ski resort and other activities

Sierra Nevada Death

While Saturday the 30th was a busy day for the mountain rescue teams on Sierra Nevada, Sunday turned out to be a tragic one because of a death up there.

18 Climbers Rescued

(RGO) The Guardia Civil, mountain-rescue team had to assist 18 climbers from an 22-man-strong climbing excursion belonging to a local climbing club.

Sierra Nevada Snow

Sierra Nevada 01

Whilst down on the Costa Tropical the soggy inhabitants waded through the habitual puddles and mounds of mud, the Sierra Nevada wore its white crown.

Starry Night, Nevada Night

If you really want to see a night’s sky crammed with stars, then there is no place better than on top of the Sierra Nevada, and the best starry night of the year is the 12th of August!