News from the west of Granada (Poniente): Loja & Alhama de Granada area

Body of Brit Found

GRA PON Body of Brit recovered from Irrigation channel in El Turro AP22

The Alhama de Granada fire service recovered the body of a British man from an irrigation channel in El Turro, which is not far from Cacín.

A Very Lucky Outcome

GRA PON Arroyo de Chacon

A 70-year-old man with some mobility problems had a fall and ended up in a dry riverbed in the middle of nowhere; fortunately, somebody heard his calls for help.

Paid for but not Sent…

SPN Guardia Civil Generic 400x250

For people of 60 and over, the idea of online purchasing, person-to-person, doesn’t exactly make you feel confident that it will arrive in the post. After all, you have never met the person in your life in most cases.