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News from the Poniente Granadino: Loja,Alhama de Granada,Illora,Moclin,Montefrio etc

Wellington’s Country Estate Controversy

A local from Illora (western Granada), Juan Manuel V., claims that he received a ‘brutal beating’ at the hands of the security guards on the Duke of Wellington’s Estate. For those readers who didn’t know it, the Duke, and his heirs in perpetuity, was awarded a large estate in this area of Granada for his services to the Spanish Crown during the Peninsular War of 1808-1814.

Blasting Boob

People were astounded to hear that workers on the high-speed-train line outside Loja managed to seriously weaken a standard railway bridge during blasting operations.

Fire Station Flounders

Work on the new area (comarcal) fire station in Loja has ground to a halt after the construction company went bust, and it is not the first time that Loja has seen a virtually completed project wallow, dead in the water.

Butano Going Up – Surprise!

Yes, yes, they’ve only recently put the price up for a bottle of butane gas, but that isn’t going to stop them putting it up again on the 1st of July, so that a bottle will cost you 16.43 euros!

Justifying A Salary

At a time when many people have no job, no savings, no income, the fact that we have 445,568 politicians drawing salaries from public funds is beyond comprehension for the average Spaniard.

Seaside Gazette Goes .Com

We have successfully moved from our seasidegazette.es url to our new theseasidegazette.com, which you can see in your url bar. Visitors are being automatically rerouted to the our the new address but it would be convenient if those that have us bookmarked on their browser updated the link.

Publication Update

The March edition of the Seaside Gazette is at present with the printers and will be ready for distribution Friday the 2nd around midday.

British Consular Newsletter – November

What is Benefit Theft? The vast majority of people who claim UK benefits are honest, law-abiding citizens. But there are those who try to cheat the system. People who are in receipt of UK benefits have a responsibility to keep the authorities informed of any change in their circumstances, as this can affect their claim…