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News from Granada city and its surroundings

How Low Can You Sink?

The Policía Judicial de la Guardia Civil have arrested three men for allegedly slitting the throat of a man and stabbing his wife and two children, aged ten and seven.

Not Fun

A 53-year-old motorcyclist not only came off his bike on the A-92, which is painful at the best of times, but a lorry ran over him. He must have been thinking how lucky he was that the wheel passed either side of him, but then his leather jacket snagged on the chassis and off they all went.

False Rape Claim

The Policia Nacional have managed to uncover a false, rape claim by an 18-year-old girl in Granada. A passer-by had found her behind a parked car, in front of a high school at 06.45h, last Sunday morning. She told him that she had been beaten and raped. However, when the man went to find her some water, she disappeared, only to report having been raped later directly to the police.

Knock Knock II

In an almost ‘deja vu’ incident, the Granada Policía Local found that 61-year-old J.G.M.M. had beaten a hole through a wall to gain access to the same flat that he had tried to break into before.

Belgian Arrested for Vandalism

A 41-year-old Belgian man was arrested in the early hours of the 10th after allegedly painting on the facade of the Iglesia San Justo y Pastor, the Colegio Mayor Bartolomé y Santiago and on the steps of La Plaza de las Pasiegas in Granada. Both the church and the college are listed as national heritage buildings.

Knock Knock…

The Policía Nacional arrested a man when they caught him trying to smash a door down with a lump hammer; he claimed that it used to be his flat.

Left to Starve

Twenty abandoned dogs, seven of which had already starved to death, were discovered in an empty, luxury villa near in the Urbanización Cortijo del Aire in Albolote.