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News from Granada city and its surroundings

Six Years for Double Kidnapping

The eight people that confessed to kidnapping a woman and her stepson have accepted the six-year prison sentence for each of them. The Public Prosecutor had originally recommended a 21-year sentence for two of them but a deal was struck with the defence lawyer.

British Consulate Newletter: 1st Quarter

The British Consulate now publishes a 3-monthly news letter, instead of a monthly one. This one corresponds to the first quarter of 2013, dealing with being covered by the Spanish Public Health System, amongst other points.

Police Blues

It isn’t that much fun being a Guardia Civil policeman – fining motorists aside – because one of them was attacked for telling a drug addict off for injecting himself in the street.

Yes, But No

A judge has ordered the City Hall of Granada to pay out 2,500 euros in damages, after a woman tripped over the stump of a missing road sign. The victim had asked for 5,000 but the judge considered the accident was her fault too.

Granada Rubbish Strike Continues

The provincial capital is awash with accumulating rubbish, left uncollected by striking workers. If that were not bad enough, the city’s firemen have had to extinguish 23 rubbish hoppers over the weekend that have been deliberately torched.

A Second Chance

Not many people throw prize money into a wastepaper bin unless its still in the form of a lottery ticket and you thought it was worth nothing, which is what happened to Zaidin, Granada.