City & Metropolitan

News from Granada city and its surroundings

A Penchant for Debt

Last year, the City Hall of Granada, like many municipal administrations, received a loan from the central government so that they could pay off their outstanding debts to local merchants and traders up until the 31st of December 2011; a total of 107.8m euros.

The Idiosyncracies of the Law

Manuel Hidalgo carries the weight of having buried his young son – an almost insupportable weight for most. But this burden is increased by the seeming injustice behind the Spanish Judicial System.

Student Protest March in Granada

Tens of thousands of Spanish secondary-education pupils came out in protest across the country in protest against education cuts and corruption. They were calling for the whole government cabinet to resign.

Nurse Mugged on House Call

A female nurse from the medical centre in Cartuja, Granada was mugged by a group of young men as she left the home of an out patient in the north of the city, infamous for its high rate of crime.