City & Metropolitan

News from Granada city and its surroundings

They’re Still Not Listening

The Mayor if Zubia (PP) has raised the salary of the Councillor of the Economy and in passing awarded himself a salary 45,000 euros. Oh, and he has raised the expense quota for attending a council meeting from 113 euro to 195 euros.

Repaired for Demolition

Flat owners in the Santa Adela district (Zaidin) of Granada are obligated by law to carry out repairs to their property, even though its is awaiting demolition.

Faulty Planning

One burglar in Maracena had a seriously lack of foresight when he decided to rob a mattress shop – it’s next-door neighbour was the Guardia Civil post. This intrepid 39-year-old was caught red handed, not unsurprisingly.

How Ridiculous?

A group of schoolkids had made small, wooden nesting boxes for wild bird and wanted to place them in the trees of a park in Zubia – it was not to be. The police came along and told them that they needed a licence to do it.

The Rebellion of The Firemen

There was a case about a week ago in the north of Spain, where firemen refused to carry out a request made by the police over an eviction case. It has had resounding consequences.

Misplaced Kindness

A woman is up before the judge for allegedly stabbing and killing a pensioner who had tried to help her out. The wife of the 66-year-old victim was also brutally beaten.