Alti Plano

News from the north-east of Granada (Alti-plano): Baza & Guadix

A Charming, Friendly Man

A 36-year-old man has been detained in Guadix on charges of fraud after he allegedly contracted four new telephone accounts using the personal information of local citizens in order to get and keep the mobile phones

Popular University Born

In Huéscar, a new university has formed that will offer courses in traditional areas that are in danger of extinction, thanks to the imbecility of much modern technology and the increasing apathy with which Spanish youth is infected.

Alhambra Proxy in Guadix

A snappy Arabic name, Wadi Ash, will preside over Guadix Golf’s new project, aimed at recreating the emotional ambience of Granada’s Moorish masterpiece, the Alhambra.

Publication Update: January

OK, we got to the printer this morning, meaning that we could be out on the streets this Thursday evening (30th), but the printer doesn’t work over Friday, Saturday or Sunday, so if there are any hitches, the Gazette won’t be out until Monday the 3rd. ¡Viva España! The online edition, however, free from the…

Baza Growing

Baza’s Town Hall has announced that it will sell their old sports complex for two million euros in order to not only build a new one, but also houses and a Lidl supermarket.

Easing The Burden

In a move similar to recent activity in Loja, Baza’s Socialist government has announced that it will not raise local taxes in 2011, and will actually lower property tax. Economy Minister, Ramón Pozo, said he was aware of the problems people were having in the crisis and this was a way to help them.

Twisted Words & Minds

Yet more political comments are being debated, this time in Guadix, as to what the speaker meant and if the intended listener really understood the words.