news and views from Almuñécar, Costa Tropical

Interview: Juan Carlos Benavides (Mayor)

TSG: Last month there was lots of ‘turbulence’, so what we would like to do is put over your take on things.
JCB: OK, let’s go
TSG: There were many people that didn’t agree – did not understand why – the road works on the Avenida de Andalucía had to start just before Semana Santa. We put in last months Gazette that we had spoken with the Town Hall engineer who said that Almuñécar was tied to a start date as far as the grant was concerned. Could you add anything to this?

Pavement peril

Council workmen appeared outside the Bar Bikini, which is near Dave & Lauras’ Spar shop, and proceeded to dig up the pavement and in doing so, cutting off access to the bar! The licensee requested that they only dug up half of the pavement to allow at least some access to the bar.

The PP’s rebellion…

The PP’s rebellion against the Mayor; i.e., their call for a vote of no confidence, has not come cheap, because the Mayor has withdrawn the salaries of two PP secretaries in the party’s town-hall-based offices. It was the Mayor himself that called the two women to inform them that their services were no longer required.

The referendum

Moving on to the referendum – which is another point covered in the interview – the Mayor says that the total cost of the campaign for the municipal coffers was 79,659 euros, which, he points out, works out at just over two euros a head for the Almuñequeros and La Herradureños.


Going back to the salaries paid out to political appointments in the area council (Mancomunidad), the leader of the IU has made public an interesting list that shows exactly who earns what.

New houses unsafe

A group of house owners received the keys for their new homes only to find that they are literally homeless because large cracks have appeared and the buildings are unsafe – a ‘first,’ here in Andalucía, of course.
It was a joyous day, a little over a year ago, when they moved in, and now, although they can’t live in them, they still have to religiously pay their mortgage payments.