news and views from Almuñécar, Costa Tropical

Blue Zone Misery

Oh, the bloody Blue Zones – what a headache! The latest outgrowth of the dreaded Zona Azul is planned for the return road behind San Cristóbal, fulminating in one foul swoop all the free parking. The

EBAR Ends Stink

Do you know what the EBAR is? It means Estación de Bomba de Aguas Residuales; in other words, sewage pumping station. Well, the blockhouse affair right next to Las Góndolas is precisely that.

Justo and his Cross

I saw the blighter, walking through the Taramay tunnel, as I was coming back from the inauguration of the autovia. Wha

Political Bickering

PP claim they prevented the PSOE, IU and the PA from taking out a lawsuit against members of the Velilla and San Cristóbal

Still no Fire Station

Almuñécar’s firemen are going to have to wait another three years before they will receive their first and long-awaited fire station, according

Mayor Found Guilty

Whilst we were still waiting for the verdict of the case against the Mayor, concerning the controversial closing down of the private company that run Almuñécar TV, the Mayor, on