news and views from Almuñécar, Costa Tropical

Hunger Strike?

It now seems that the social care association, Adhara, is threatening to go on hunger strike if the Town Hall does not pay them what is owing to them. They say that they cannot pay their workers, who provide home help and other services for the elderly and infirm, if funds are not received.

Paseo Statues

Have you seen the stone carvings on the Paseo del Altillo? They’re courtesy of our Syrian sculptors that have in previous years decked out the Parque Majuelo with their works.

Benny and the Judges

Benny and the Judges have seen a lot of judicial action during December. Let’s start with the big one. Regional press headlines on the 16th boomed out, “Un jurado popular absuelve a Benavides” (A jury acquits Benavides). This was the second time in just two months that Juan Carlos Benavides – against all expectation – walked away from a date with the Judge a free and innocent man.

Cut Jete Road Update

And update on the reopening of this road that serves the villages of the Rio Verde valley and links them to the coast.

Adult Outdoor Gym

I was walking with the Ed today along Paseo Puerta del Mar and, to our astonishment, we saw adults straddling and climbing onto the strangest looking contraptions on the beach. We thought “Wow, an adult playground!”

Car-park Projects Update

The two underground car parks are going well. The latest update puts the termination date for both projects in May, right down to the flower gardens on the surface, which unfortunately means that both Christmas and Easter could still be disrupted by the continuing construction work in Velilla and San Cristobal.

Yet More Blue Zones

The PSOE claims that there is a new drive to implement yet more Blue-Zone areas in Almuñécar. Their party leader, Francisco Prados, suggests that it is little more than another push rake in more money for the municipal coffers.

15 New Chefs

The Town Hall has provided a course to train 15 chefs, accepting candidates from the town’s unemployed.

Social Services Strike

The social services, provided by Adhara, narrowly avoided disaster when a strike that was set for the 20th of November was called off.