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2012: New Year’s Resolution

Technology has come a long way in helping motivate people to meet that resolve and get off the couch and sweat it out. Notwithstanding the competition, the three biggest enablers are Nintendo’s Wii, Sony’s Playstation3 + Move, and Microsoft XBox-Kinect – all of whom provide gaming consoles.

Tech Horizons 2012

2012 is just around the corner, so what innovations might we expect in the tech marketplace? Human ingenuity is boundless and in computer technology there is no limit.

A Brilliant Mind with Attitude – By Zen II Net

Practically anyone who uses a computer, regardless of the operating system was recently made aware of the demise of Steve Jobs, co-founder of the Apple brand. His story is not simply one of a young, intrepid and ‘geeky’ California boy who made good. His story is about Attitude.

Computing Article by Zen II Net

Towards the end of 2010 a new technology ‘buzz’ term started to appear in the media… something called ‘Cloud computing.’ Most people thought it would only affect large businesses, specifically IT companies.


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