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Open Source Content Management System (CMS)

At the beginning of the World Wide Web, back in the early 90’s, all websites were created using handcrafted HTML code. Not only did it require a certain amount of skill, but also managing large websites was a very difficult task.

Dick Tracy Lives!

From Dick Tracy fantasy to year 2014 and you can now do more than just communicate; you can select your SmartWatch from 4 global competitors.

21st Century Carrier Pigeons

The word “Drone” has come a long way from merely defining ‘a male honey bee’ or a ‘robot in general.’ Today ‘unmanned aerial vehicle’ is its most common association – just ask certain governments how they have been using them for spying purposes. Notwithstanding, some innovative young companies have taken it to the next level and made their drones accessible to the public with prices as low as about $100 (€75).

No More Cable Spaghetti!

Without a doubt one of the most annoying nuisances for all of us who use computers (laptops and towers) is the endless spaghetti of cables needed to run these devices: to connect monitor to tower, power supplies, mice, webcams, external speakers and anything else you might want to use (then comes finding the correct port in which to insert the cable). First of all the manufacturers design these cables in lengths they deem the most practical….but to the user in many cases they are far too long. Then if you choose to connect to the internet with an Ethernet cable you have just added one more thing to trip over or to have the dog chew.

All-Season Bugs

Summer is upon us and with it come mosquitoes, flies, and other pesky bugs. In the PC world, “bugs” exist in several forms but many people are still confused by the terminology so we thought a refresher might be handy.

The Deep Web, the Dark Web and the Invisible web

Most people use search engines like Google or Bing as a way to discover new resources and information on the Internet. In reality by doing so they are able to search and discover only the pages that have been indexed by search engines (also called the Visible Web) i.e. a very small part of the existing web pages available

Mobile Device Security – Which System?

Most people know that mobile devices today operate on either an Android or an iOS (Apple) system, but to a novice to the world of Smartphones, tablets and E-book readers these terms can be meaningless. Yes, there are obvious differences between these two platforms (regardless of the lawsuits won and lost in the interim): multi-tasking abilities, lock screen facility, calendar layouts, quick settings controls, messaging features, and visual cosmetics all vary. One system can even be more user-friendly than the other – depending on the user!