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Me and ‘Satchmo’

I do not pretend to be a Jazz ‘connoisseur’ in the very meaning of the word. I know next to nothing about the technicalities of this fascinating kind of music and I had a blank in singing at school.

Almuñécar Women’s Group

Since I belong to the Almuñécar Women’s Group, I thought it might be beneficial to share information about this delightful and active group with my fellow Danish women in our area.

Back again

Nice to be back here again. We have been enjoying a month of temperatures above 30 degrees, which is quite enjoyable when you’re on the beach, but uncomfortable for gardening or playing golf.

The Danes Celebrate

There was cause for celebration in the Danish community on Oct. 10th, when a late second-half goal by Jakob Poulsen gave Denmark a 1-0 win over Sweden in Copenhagen and secured our place in the World Cup finals. It was a priceless victory. Way to go Denmark!