editorial comments on topical news subjects

Where is The Logic?

Mar Gómez commented on one of our articles (via facebook) about the 7-year-girl who was gored by a bull as she played outside her front door:

Election Rerun

It appears to be inevitable; the King is set to give the go ahead for the dissolution of the Parliament on the 2nd of May for the General Election to be held on June the 26th.

Plainly Irresponsible

All along the Costa Tropical town halls are cleaning up the streets after Semana Santa because they are coated with wax thanks to the candlelit processions.

Elections Uncertainty

In these recent General Elections, the four main parties got what they wanted, but not enough of it to be any good. The PP won, but not by far enough, and PSOE didn’t implode.

Gibraltar Incident

A serious incident occurred yesterday with Spanish vessels pursuing alleged smugglers right up to the shores of Gibraltar. London and the Gibraltar Governments reacted angrily.

Room for One More Standing

The Spanish say that somebody ‘has no hairs on the tongue,’ meaning that they don’t mince their words… Outspoken author, Pérez-Reverte evidently has none on his.