Dioro Joyeros

Alfredo Castaña Fernández, who runs the Motril-based, Dioro Joyeros won his spurs in the diamond-trading capital of the world, Amberes-Antwerpen in 1980 – 70% of the worlds diamonds are sold through Ambers. He was the laboratory manager at the International Gemmological Institut for 17 years.

And to round it all of, he is the Chairman of the Andalusia Federation of Jewellers and Silversmiths. So, Ladies and Gentlemen, when you’re dealing with Dioro Joyeros in Motril, you are in very professional hands.

Thanks to the many years spent in there he speaks fluent Dutch (Neerlandais) and French and already has many clients who use these languages. It is precisely because of this standing client base that Dioro Joyeros would like to remind them and inform future clients that his premises is now located at Calle Tejedores, Nº 8. This new location is on a parallel street to where they were, by the way.

Dioro Joyeros are not only a diamond experts (gemologist) but are also design specialists and have their own workshop. And of course, being a jeweller’s, there is a wide selection of jewellery and watches.

Lastly, Dioro Joyeros is literally 100 metres from the underground parking under Plaza del Aura.

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