Computer Man

Is your computer running so slow that it sometimes feels that it would be easier to send mail by carrier pigeon? Does the whole thing freeze up on a regular basis? Or perhaps you spend a good part of your life with your fingers poised over CTL+ALT+DEL? Well, get a grip for goodness sake and give Ruben a call!

J.Rubén Sánchez Victoria’s English is excellent and he is an absolute wizard when it comes to all things computers, as well. It should also be said that he is a really nice guy, honest and above all, especially when talking to computer muppets like myself, patient.

Whatever your IT problems or issues are, Ruben will be able to help and get you back into the land of problem-free computing.

Based in La Herradura, Ruben and his knowledge are mobile, so no matter where you are, he will be able to come to your assistance (although he is not keen to travel to Angola, but the rest of the world is fine). Remember, if you’re not sure… just give the Computer Man a ring and at least get some advice!

J. Rubén Sánchez Victoria – Tel. 655 09 39 42.

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