andreaI had a long chat with Andrea from Almuñécar’s Asinex S.L. and I came away from it with a lighter step.

The best way I can express the impression that she transmitted would be the title of a song: Don’t Worry; Be Happy. But don’t get me wrong; there is no lacking in professionalism – quite the opposite.

Simply put, her philosophy is that the only problems that exist are those that cannot be fixed; the rest; i.e., the majority, simply aren’t problems – they are situations that require solutions and their job is to provide them… something they do admirably well, I should add.

Put another way, you might feel that you have a problem, but in reality you’re just lacking the local knowledge to sort it out – which is where Asinex S.L. comes in, because after 31 years of operating here they have accumulated a wealth of local knowledge; the ins and outs of public administrations and utility companies; of being able to comfortably navigate the seemingly inaccessible labyrinth of bureaucracy.

So what services do they actually provide?
Asinex S.L. comprises a competent team of friendly, multilingual lawyers, accountants and assistants, along with other qualified professionals and collaborators such as an economist.

The services that this team provides are: accounting, legal, consultancy when buying (transferring or selling) a property, setting up a business or company, deregistering a company and cancelling its administrative obligations, preparation of bilingual wills and everything related to donations and inheritance.

So instead of feeling daunted by the prospect of dealing with the Town Hall, utility companies, banks, Hacienda, Seguridad Social, let Asinex S.L. take that worry off your hands

Go around and speak to them – I guarantee that you will come away with a lighter step, too.

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ASINEX S.L., Avenida Juan Carlos I, 24-Bajo, Almuñécar. Tel. 958 631 855, Fax 958 632 062 or email: website: 51