Rest. Peña Parda

So there I am, confused of La Herradura, with wife and three teenagers in tow in search of somewhere to eat. Then it dawned on me, El Rincón de Paña Parda! You learn pretty quickly as a parent to always try and cover all the bases, so amidst all the teenage moans, we took our seats and during the next hour and a half, mobile phones were forgotten (normally unheard of!), and there were long spells of silence (even more unheard of!).

My success was of course due to the fantastic Menú del Dia, which at €12,50 is, not only a bargain, but also a stroke of genius by Gregorio and Juan. Why? Because this Menu del Día is also available in the evening, so whilst the stroppy teenagers were having soup of the day, Spaghetti Bolognaise or Lasagne, and ice cream, we were enjoying Avocado with Prawns or Monkfish paté, followed by Swordfish in a Leek Sauce or Roast Lamb, all available from that same menu and all prepared to the highest standard. There are six choices of both starter and main course!

Like I said, Readers, cover your bases, whether it’s an intimate meal with a partner, or a family feast, you can’t go wrong when there’s something for everyone. And of course it all tastes so much better when not maxing out those credit cards.







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